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Team Building

Believe it or not, wine can help your team succeed!

At Bodevi we are also entrepreneurs and we know that our team’s productivity depends on more than individual skills, knowledge and aptitudes. Being part of a group that communicates and coordinates effectively, feeling valued and knowing the company’s goals and philosophy is key. But, how can we get to this point?
Experiences - Smell
After observing closely how century-old wineries work, we are convinced that the world of viticulture has a lot to teach us. For this reason, Bodevi has created several products aimed at companies that want to improve their work environment, motivate their workers and inspire positive values ​​in them.

Experiences for teams

We suggest you bring your team to one of the wineries that work with us to enjoy a wonderful environment while they carry out a “team building” activity. The possibilities are varied: from immersing yourself in the art of tasting, learning about the wine-making process or carrying out various activities among the vineyards… All designed towards practicing group coordination and communication and creating personal ties.
Team Building visit
These activities are carried out by the same people who work the vineyard and make the wine. “They are experts in combining collaboration with individual responsibility, in putting tradition and innovation together and in remaining attentive to accuracy without neglecting their creativity”, says Mariona Aparicio, CEO at Bodevi.
“Every time I visit our partners I feel inspired by the passion and affection they put into making their wines”, says Mariona, adding that all experiences are “tailored to the needs of our customers and always with their goals in mind”.

Tasting packs

Another possibility that Bodevi offers are the wine packs with tasting included, an alternative to the classic Christmas basket or to the company gift. “The person who receives the pack not only enjoys the wine, but can also participate in an online tasting directed by the producer. An opportunity to learn about all those values ​​that winegrowers apply in their daily work” says Mariona.

Pack and tasting
If a minimum of 25 packs are purchased, Bodevi will organize an exclusive on-line tasting for the company, which allows the tasting to be structured “according to the needs of the company, emphasizing those points that may resonate more with the participants”.
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