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Eight of our wineries participated at the end of December in a fundraising act that took place at the Sant Cugat Modernist Winery, an emblematic building in the history of wine and cooperativism of Catalonia. The event was organized by BODEVI together with the Caliu Association, an entity that aims towards inclusion of people with functional diversity. The profits have been donated to the TV3 Charity Marathon.

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The event, which was attended by some 200 people, was a true “wine festival” where the participants strolled through the stands of each winery to discover quality wines, mostly organic and produced in small nearby wineries. “It has been an opportunity to enjoy a wide variety of wines, but also to learn more about the product and the people behind them” says BODEVI.

To complete the wine experience, the D.O. Cava sommelier Xavier Vilès, offered a short talk on how to do a tasting and gave advice to the attendees to better enjoy the experience of drinking wine.

Local collaboration

Following the spirit of proximity and collaboration, several local businesses in the food sector provided some food product that was prepared, presented and served by the middle grade cooking and gastronomy students of the FP Sant Cugat Institute. In addition, among the Tastavins Solidari volunteer staff were residents of the Estèl Cooperative, a residence in Valldoreix for people with functional diversity in the intellectual field.

The wineries that took part

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