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Blind wine tasting

Sharpen your senses: a blind wine tasting in the middle of nature

What sense predominates when assessing a wine? Taste or smell? Are we sure that we are not too dependent on what we are seeing? Do we let ourselves be influenced by preconceived ideas about what we should like and what we shouldn’t?

BODEVI has teamed up with Xavi Viles, Technical Sommelier at TastaVins Penedès and D.O. Cava, and the Mirador de Can Cases restaurant, to organize this type of event in which we get rid of prejudices and put our senses to the test by tasting wine completely blindfolded in the wonderful surroundings of the Collserola mountain range.
Wine tasting Can Cases
Can Cases
“We have a very poorly developed sense of smell, probably because we don’t need it to survive. Instead, we depend on sight continuously, for example, when crossing a street. What happens if we are deprived of sight? In the street we will be afraid, in front of a table,there is no fear, but we will have our doubts” says Viles, who is in charge of guiding wine lovers during the tasting. The sommelier challenges attendees with different games in which they will depend only on their sense of taste and smell. “Many times we don’t know if we are in front of a red, a white or a sparkling wine. We will doubt because we depend a lot on what we see” affirms Xavi Viles.

Fun in a magical environment

Among wine professionals, a blind tasting is “a reality bite, in which maximum objectivity is achieved and a brutal exercise in sincerity is made,” explains Viles. But in the case of the non-specialized public, the sommelier explains that “it would be silly to have the public with their eyes closed while I do a monologue and explain what they are tasting, what I want is for them to participate, to give their opinion. In a normal tasting that is difficult, but with the mask on, people lose inhibitions and participate a lot. It’s more fun.”

Xavi Viles is an atypical wine professional and says that he enjoys “being associated with different activities because I am not a jacket and tie sommelier. Being in front of a very varied public, I try to make it easy, fun and use everyday language”.

First blind wine tasting

Last Saturday, March 12th, BODEVI kicked off this new activity at Mirador de Cases, an enchanting restaurant in the middle of Collserola. After the  tasting, the restaurant offered a  menu of Mediterranean food fused with international dishes.

Paired with the following cheeses selected by Xavier Viles:

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