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BODEVI and Eudald Massana offer the first hybrid wine tasting

“A good wine, in addition to being good, has feeling” says Eudald Massana, owner of the Eudald Massana Noya winery and the person in charge of guiding the tasting of three of his wines next Thursday, March 31st at the Espai Penedès in Barcelona. BODEVI organizes this meeting that will have a hybrid format in which attendees can participate from the Espai Penedès itself or through a platform specialized in online tastings.

“We want to break down barriers using all the means at our disposal to offer the possibility of experiencing the feelings and meeting the people behind a bottle of wine” says BODEVI and assures that it is essential that it be “the winemaker himself who tells us about his wines and how he has made them”. The Espai Penedès offers a place in the heart of Barcelona e to hold this meeting between the producer and the wine lover without the latter having to travel too far.

Breaking barriers

BODEVI, a company specializing in online wine tastings, has given another twist to the wine tasting by introducing the possibility of attending through its virtual platform. Online participants will be able to connect with video from anywhere in the world and interact with Eudald and the other attendees just as if they were in person at Espai Penedès. To ensure the fluidity of the hybrid format, BODEVI once again relies on the presenter specializing in the world of wine, Victor Juan Puig, who regularly collaborates with its online tastings.
BODEVI explains that the people who will connect from other places will have received the bottles days before and that “at the moment there are registered in Madrid, Valencia and Sweden, but also regular customers of our online tastings who participate from Catalonia and who do not want to travel or prefer to enjoy the tasting privately, at home, with family and friends”.
BODEVI reckons that there are “frontiers, such as language or accessibility for deaf or blind people” in which they are working. They explain that the international clients of the online tastings are usually “expatriate people or people who want to complement their language studies with a cultural experience” and that in order to reach a wider audience they regularly organize tastings in English. On the other hand, BODEVI works to include a sign language interpreter for the tastings.
Eudald Massana
Eudald Massana

Eudald Massana, ninth generation of peasants

“Since I was little I wanted to make wine” explains Eudald, owner of the winery and the ninth generation of his family who works in the field. “I am happy with my project” he says about his winery, which produces an excellent wine with grapes grown using organic and biodynamic farming methods. “I am the ninth generation of peasants. I am a farmer in the world of wine. Our estate is dedicated almost entirely to viticulture, with whites, blacks, pinks…and all the experiments you want, with different stems and clones. My ancestors have done everything” he says.

Tasting wines

Cepell Blanc

Avi Ton


Wine tasting wines: Innat, Cepell Blanc and Avi Ton
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