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Bodevi is the commercial name of Bodevi Videbo, SL, a company registered with tax identification number B04930426 (Unique European Identifier ES08005.000652449), registered in the Mercantile Registry of Barcelona in volume 47,705, folio 129, page number B-559,975, 1st registration, and with registered office at Rambla del Celler, 29, 4-6 (08172) Sant Cugat del Vallès (Spain).

These terms and conditions govern the use that the user can make of the information contained in our pages, and establish the contractual conditions of the services offered therein, that is, the rights and obligations acquired by both Bodevi and the user. That is why Bodevi suggests that you read them carefully before using our services, since by using them, you expressly and unreservedly agree to be bound by them. If there are any of them you do not agree with, we ask that you refrain from visiting our pages or placing any order. For any questions about this text, do not hesitate to contact

These conditions may be complemented by other specific conditions, such as those that govern particular and specific promotions.


For information about the security and confidentiality guarantee offered on our pages, we invite you to read our Security Warranty, our Privacy Policy and our Cookies Policy.

The buyer/user agrees to provide Bodevi with a correct and valid email address to place their orders and accepts that it is their responsibility, the customer’s responsibility, to ensure the correct reception and reading of the messages that Bodevi will send to the address provided, especially those in which they are informed of binding dates for the fulfillment of delivery, claim or return deadlines, or other guarantees established in these conditions.

Security guarantee

Bodevi guarantees all its users and clients the security and confidentiality of all the data provided. The collection, storage and transmission of personal information is done in an encrypted way through the use of the SSL (Secure Socket Layers) security protocol. The SSL encryption system provides total security in the transmission of data through the network.

Bodevi manages the storage and collection processes through the bank BBVA.

Means of communication

Bodevi establishes the email, the notices on its pages and the contact form as the usual means of communication with its clients, and these are the only means binding for the purposes of the terms established in these conditions.

For their part, the buyer user agrees to provide Bodevi with a correct and valid email address to place their orders and accepts that it is their responsibility, the customer’s responsibility, to ensure the correct reception and reading of the messages that Bodevi will send to the address provided, especially those in which binding dates are reported for the fulfillment of delivery, claim or return deadlines, or other guarantees established in these conditions.


Bodevi  will make every effort possible so that the delivery is made according to the information published on our pages. The delivery timeframes are estimated and are not guaranteed, except for a maximum of 30 calendar days established by law.

The transport conditions are for Standard or Economy services, with delivery scheduled from Monday to Friday, without prior notice or the possibility of agreeing to delivery at a specific time and with a single guaranteed delivery attempt. If the recipient is not present at the time of delivery, he or she must contact the carrier to find out if a new delivery is possible at no additional cost or if it will be necessary to go to their office to pick it up. Bodevi does not exercise any control over the storage periods at transport agencies of orders not delivered and, consequently, cannot assume any responsibility if the order has not been collected on time and is returned, in which case, Bodevi will be forced to collect the corresponding return costs from the client, as well as those of a new delivery if the client requests it.

The client agrees to provide only correct and complete data at all times, especially when indicating delivery addresses, especially taking into account that any surcharge caused by the need for changes, once the order has been sent, will be borne by the client.

The orders must be received by adults, who must indicate their name and signature on the delivery note, assuming the responsibility of custody of the package if they are not the final recipients of the order. In case of any anomaly in the delivery, the recipient must indicate it on the delivery note before signing it and immediately notify Bodevi. The client has 24 hours to claim any incident related to the delivery or possible content error.

Bodevi agrees to replace any product not received or received damaged during transport as long as the claim is made within the established timeframe and conditions. If replacement of the same product is not possible, the customer may choose another with a similar price or request a refund for the amount paid.

In case of loss of part or all of the order, Bodevi will proceed to claim the shipment from the transport company but will wait a reasonable period of time (maximum of 7 days) so that the agency can locate it before proceeding with its replacement.

Cancellations and returns

The customer has the right to request the cancellation of an order at any time and to receive a refund of the entire amount paid, up to the moment the order has entered the preparation phase. Once in preparation, sent or delivered, to cancel an order or return, part or all of it, the customer must avail himself of the right of withdrawal or return, the conditions of which are specified below.

In cases where the orders have not yet entered the preparation phase, it will be enough for the client to request the cancellation of the order by email or through the contact form.

Once canceled, Bodevi agrees to reimburse the entire amount paid within a maximum period of 7 calendar days. The same method used for payment will always be used. In the event that the payment method used is no longer available (expired card), the customer may request a refund on another account by bank transfer. In the case of banks belonging to a non-EU country, the client may choose between (1) accepting the repercussion of any commission that may be generated by way of transfers to accounts in countries not members of the European Economic Area, (2) facilitating alternative means of payment.

Once the preparation of the order has started, is ready for shipment, sent or delivered, any cancellation request will be treated as a right of withdrawal. To exercise the right of withdrawal, the client must communicate his decision in a clear way, free of any ambiguity by email addressed to

In case of withdrawal, the return of the order will also lead to the refund of the entire order, including shipping costs, except in the case of having requested, for the original shipment, a shipping method with a cost higher than the basic one; in this case, only the amount corresponding to a standard service will be returned as shipping costs.

In case of withdrawal, it will be the customer who will bear the costs of collecting and transporting to the warehouse of the products that are the object of the return.

No returns will be accepted for deliveries made outside of Spanish territory or in Ceuta, Melilla, the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands.

Every client has the right to withdraw and without the need for justification as long as he makes use of his right within a period of 14 calendar days from the date of delivery of the order, according to communication by the transport agency, or the return of the order to the transport agency in case of failed delivery or repeated absence. You will not be able to exercise the right of return by withdrawal when there are indications that the products have been opened, manipulated or exposed to inappropriate conditions. And it is mandatory to return the entire shipment in this case, with all products properly protected, in their original packaging and in perfect condition for later sale.

Once the order has been recovered and the appropriate checks on the status of the products have been carried out, Bodevi will reimburse the customer for the entire amount paid, using the same method used for payment, with the same exceptions and reservations mentioned in the third paragraph, of this section regarding transfer payments in bank accounts belonging to a country outside the EEA as indicated, accounts with currencies other than the euro and unavailable means of payment. The refund in the case of withdrawal will be made within a maximum period of 14 days from the date the returned order has been received, and it will only be made for products returned in perfect condition.

In the event of a content error, Bodevi agrees to, after receiving notice of the problem by email, collect the products sent by mistake and to send the correct products as soon as possible, always according to availability and restocking periods, or to reimburse the customer for the Amount paid for products purchased and not shipped plus the proportional part of the transport, if the situation arises in which the new delivery cannot arrive on time for the purpose for which they were purchased. In the event of a possible lack of availability or delay, Bodevi will offer the customer the possibility, if they so wish, of exchanging the product that is out of stock or affected by the delay for another with a similar price. The client will not have the right to claim any type of compensation for the inconvenience caused by an error of this nature and the deadline to request a refund in this case will also be 30 calendar days.

In the event of an incident during transport (partial or damaged deliveries, delivery to the wrong address, loss of packages or unacceptable delays once the order has been shipped), the customer is entitled to a replacement shipment as soon as possible. In the event of such incidents, it will be essential to record the problem on the delivery note and communicate the incident always within the deadlines established by each transport agency (often just 24 hours after delivery). In the event that a new delivery is not possible or if it may no longer arrive on time, the customer will have the right to be refunded for the products not received in perfect condition as well as the proportional part of the shipping costs.

The customer also has the right to return a defective product, whether the defect affects its content (corked wine or other defect) or its exterior (damage to labels, capsules or other decorative elements). In case the exterior of the bottle is damaged, the customer must notify the problem within a maximum period of 30 days from the date of delivery of the order and initially present a photograph that allows the observation of the problem; for defective wines, the period is one year and, in their communication of their claim, the customer must indicate the batch code of the bottle, usually indicated on the back label. Both types of problems must be communicated, within the aforementioned deadlines, by email to Bodevi, who will inform the client as soon as possible, and always within 3 working days, if the products will be collected or not, either to verify the defect or to present it to the producer for analysis or claim. As long as there is no response, the customer must keep the bottle, with a minimum of 3/4 parts of content and covered with its original cork if it has been opened. Whether it is collected or not, the customer will receive a refund for the amount paid for the product, postage excluded. If the product is collected, Bodevi will contact you by e-mail in order to agree on the collection time/date.

To make any return effective, in any of the cases described in this section, it is essential to first contact us by email or through the contact form to give notice of the situation. Bodevi will not accept any claim or return if we have not previously received any notification by email and the terms of the same have not been agreed upon.

Applicable law and jurisdiction

The general terms and conditions of use and sale set out here are subject to Spanish legislation and the version in Spanish will be the only one with legal validity and is the one that will prevail in the event of a discrepancy between the versions published on the different Bodevi websites.

The place of celebration of the sale to which these General Conditions are subject will be determined in accordance with the provisions of Council Regulation (EC) 44/2001, of December 22, 2000, regarding judicial jurisdiction, recognition and Execution of judicial decisions in civil and commercial matters.

Subject to the provisions indicated in the previous paragraph, the European Commission provides an online dispute resolution platform that is available to all consumers at the following link: Online dispute resolution | European Comission.